Yule MMXI.

The Winter Solstice is upon us here in the southern hemisphere, and in celebration of the returning sun there are a couple of special events taking place featuring the Encircling Sea related projects Vaiya, Ayatdarah and Animalspirits.

Firstly on June 18th, is the first ever live performance for Vaiya. The performance will be predominately acoustic and not something that will happen with any regularity, it has come about specially to coincide with celebration of the Winter Solstice.

Also playing is the harsh noise mayhem of Heil Spirits, and the bleak occult drone of Ayatdarah (also featuring ES members).

More information HERE

Next is June 25th,

*from AbreOjos.net*

“Once in a while a series of opportunities come along that make the ingredients for an event that only happens rarely. The emergence of Nekrasov into the live music realm, the ritual developments of Animalspirits, a new galactaphonic entity Gaunt by Gabriel Carazo, Grist at the top of it’s game and the availability of the ancient space of the Northcote Uniting Church have all combined to create Winter Solstice.

This feast of meditative sounds and noise signify our survival this far and our continued survival as the days get longer.

To signify this event there will also be made available a limited edition tape featuring a Gaunt, VoidHanger and Abre Ojos side A collaboration and Side B featuring a Grist vs Nekrasov duel. These will be ready to pick up on the door for pre-sale purchasers only.”

Tickets available HERE

Come and join in the celebration of this wonderful time of the year!


One Response to “Yule MMXI.”

  1. Hey guys!

    My band Satellite Sleep played with you here in Adelaide late last year and i heard some of you guys are into harsh noise/power electronics [you also mentioned laptop shit is boring! Which is so true…]

    Anyways here’s my project in case you’re interested… we should play a show sometime!

    Thanks guys, you rule.

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